Licensing laws do not permit you to bring you own food and drink on site unless you have specific dietary requirements supported by a doctor’s note.There will quality food available at the event from different food sellers and plenty of bars.

There is a medical first aid centre with qualified staff. Please identify location on arrival.

There are lots of Marshall’s and Security on site who can be alerted to get medical help.

If you see anyone unwell please take them to the first aid area. If they are not able to be moved please contact a marshall or member of security as quickly as possible who will call for the necessary help.If you need to take medication regularly remember to bring it and let your friends know of any illness or allergies you may have.

You could be searched at the entrance for illegal items.If found they will be confiscated. Persons suspected of illegal activity will be searched and may be removed from site.

Do not attempt to bring in illegal substances as you risk a strong chance of being caught.

The following items cannot be brought in to the ‘Soul Crusade’ site:

  • No! No offensive weapons
  • No! No fireworks, flares, laser pens or laser equipment.
  • No! No animals except guide dogs.

Please respect others. Anti social behavior could lead to being removed from site.

There are plenty of toilets on site. Please keep toilets clean. Always wash your hands after using the toilets.

There are plenty of bins on site. Please use bins and not the floor.

Keep your valuables safe. Carry money, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, and anything else of value with you at all times. Don’t leave valuables where people can pick them up.